Oversitting — more bad than right

Es gibt solche und solche Übersetzungen.

But wich is then now the right one? I would say, it hangs whole from the situation and from onsentencepurpose off. In the time the automatic overstitter is it for one professoinal not whole simple, one workgiver to find.

This holds me however not away from, here my services as oversitter ontobet. Only one man can one oversitting punctiliously, mutatis mutandis and clean errect. Thereof is Google and Co more completely widely remote.

In diesem Sinne, happy oversitting liebe Lesewillige 😀


  1. Oversitter = Übersetzer
  2. onsentencepurpose = Einsatzzweck
  3. workgiver = Arbeitgeber
  4. ontobet = anzubieten